(Solved): Learning to Read


(Solved): Learning to Read

Read and annotate the “Learning to Read” excerpt from The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Review your annotations about what Malcolm X learned through his reading. Then write a 250 word paragraph in which you argue which was the most powerful thing that he learned through his reading. Explain, offering one reason, as to why this was the most powerful thing that he learned. Use textual support in the form of one or more quotes to support your response. Your paragraph should be submitted to Canvas as a Word or PDF file. Be sure to review the MLA formatting guidelines page and format your document accordingly. This is a graded assignment and your grade will be based upon your ability to respond to the task given to you, the quality of your sentence level writing, and your ability to create a persuasive argument utilizing a good understanding of the reading. Proofread your work before submitting it for grading.

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