(Solved): Leadership styles to find out how technology and social media have helped shape the millennial generation.


(Solved): Leadership styles to find out how technology and social media have helped shape the millennial generation.

Please double space your paper, use first line indent on all your paragraphs, and a 12-point standard font. 1) IntroductionYour introduction should be 1-3 paragraphs long and introduce your topic in a clear and engaging way. Your proposal introduction should help the reader understand the problem at the center of your research and why it is significant. It should include your topic and problem statements and be the beginning of the introduction to your paper. 2) Research Questions – List 3-5 questions you plan to answer with this research paper. 3) Background and DiscussionYou may be writing your paper for an audience who is not expert in your field. You may use this section to provide your reader with definitions of key terms, a historical context for your research, the gap in the literature you trying to fill, or how you plan to refute opposing viewpoints. 4) Annotated bibliographyYou should have 10 relevant reliable sources for your paper and at least 5 of them should be from scholarly or academic sources. Please review the material in the “Library Resources” module in the Content area of the course for help with this section.Each reference should have a 50-100 word annotation. The annotation should describe the type of reference (book, journal, website, etc.), the research findings, and how you plan to use the reference in your paper. Remember to use APA formatting for your sources.Some of your references may change before your project is completed. You may decide not to use one or two of those listed or find an additional one or two, but this list should be most of your references. 5) Major Arguments – Develop at least 3 arguments for your thesis and write at least 100 words describing the basis for each of these points and the sources that support your argument. They should be related to the Research Questions above. See the Sample Proposal for a good example of how to do this. 6) Conclusion Write a brief one paragraph summary of your topic and proposal.

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