(Solved): International Trade Theory – Research Task (Part 2)


(Solved): International Trade Theory – Research Task (Part 2)

Exercise 1 The WTO’s International Trade Statistics is an annual report that provides comprehensive, comparable, and updated statistics on trade in merchandise and commercial services. This report allows for an assessment of world trade flow by country, region, and main product or service categories. Using the most recent statistics available, identify the top five countries that lead in the export and import of merchandise, respectively. Exercise 2 Food is an integral part of understanding different countries, cultures and lifestyles. In fact, your company is interested in importing Australian wine to the US. However, you must first identify which Australian suppliers can provide specific types of wine for your burgeoning dinner cruise business. After searching the supplier directory, use specific criteria to compare the profiles of companies supplying both red and white. Decide which supplier is best for your company. Be sure to justify your conclusion.

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