(Solved): International Business- Uber and AirBnb International Success and Strategy


(Solved): International Business- Uber and AirBnb International Success and Strategy

highlight a particular company that has had great success by using one of these international strategies discussed in our class:  foreign direct investment, merger or acquisition, joint venture, import/export, foreign sourcing, licensing, franchising, some type of turn-key strategy, global marketing and distribution, some form of distribution agreement, etc.  In other words, I am wanting you to delve in to exactly how (what strategy) a company has utilized and how they have utilized it to become internationally successful.  But let me add if you want to compare and contrast two or three companies and how they have gone about becoming international in scope, that would be fine too.  Here is the original excerpt from earlier in the semester. Third paper, due March 30 at 10 PM is looking at some of the different approaches and strategies companies have used overseas.  For example, Best Western has become one of the largest hoteliers worldwide by forming licensing arrangements with locally owned hotels worldwide.  The local owners understand the different locations and cultures, but Best Western has a great system for housekeeping and hotel management as well as a superb reservations system which benefits the local owners.  Other companies have used franchising, joint ventures, import/export, foreign direct investments, and other strategies.  Some companies have been very multinational, meaning they tailor their offering to meet the needs of each market whereas other companies have tried to be truly global, meaning they offer the same or similar product/service to all markets worldwide (with much lower costs).  Unilever is a company that customizes their products for each market whereas a company like Caterpillar sells similar equipment worldwide.  The main thing I want you to do is to develop an understanding of the company’s overseas philosophy and how they embrace and appeal to their various markets and find competitive success. 

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