(Solved): Information Technology Management Mid-term Re-take


(Solved): Information Technology Management Mid-term Re-take

As a senior consultant for Jaguar Consulting Inc. (JCI) you have been asked to provide JCI’s response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) from Marion County and the city of Indianapolis (MCCOI) based upon JCIs experience in consulting (i.e. your research; aka “your current clients” or “JCI’s previous engagements”). The content of the RFP follows: Request for Proposal: 1.Describe MIS master planning and provide a base framework for what you would provide MCCOI based upon JCI’s previous engagements. 2.Describe business process re-engineering and how it could specifically benefit MCCOI and address processes in most needed of re-engineering. Define what processes these are based upon your previous engagements. 3.Describe big data and how it is being leveraged by your current clients. How should MCCOI leverage it? How would you ensure privacy of constituent data? 4.Describe the current state architecture and how MCCOI could convert to a more sustainable approach. How would you secure it? What have you implemented for your clients and when? 5.Lastly, describe your experience in ERP implementations. How would you recommend MCCOI leverage ERPs? What are the risks? How have you overcome those risks in previous engagements? Requirements for Consideration: 10-12 pages, at least 5 external sources (not Baltzan); not including bibliography and cover page. Supplemental readings are not in scope as references. Send to me in canvas email; attached to an email w your last name in the subject line followed by “Midterm – Retake: Final submission”.

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