ASSIGNMENT: For your final project in English 112, I’m asking you to choose an issue that is important to you and that you believe you can make an impact on. This can be a human rights issue, a social justice issue, or another cause that troubles you and/or people you know. Your project with the topic of your choosing will be to: 1. perform research on your topic, and 2. then to persuade your audience to take some specific action by creating an Infographic. 3. You will also include a Works Cited page with a minimum of 4 sources. You will submit the following for this project: • Works Cited Page of the sources you have used to create this project (MINIMUM OF 4) • Infographic that you have created to educate others about your topic • Entries are alphabetized by author’s last name (or title if no name is available) • As always, adult literacy standards apply–free of typing errors and grammatical issues THE INFOGRAPHIC – Using your research, you can now create something you might think of as a visual essay in order to efficiently convey your argument/topic. An infographic uses a combination of graphic and layout choices, images, charts, and (minimal) text to get a message across. You can see examples of successful infographics on Moodle. Remember that the infographic is still composition; it’s just visual instead of the traditional essay. Understanding what makes a good Infographic is much easier if you’ve seen them before. Refer to the examples on Moodle for models. Your infographic should guide readers through an understanding of (in this order): • The topic: why is it an issue/problem? • Why should we care? What can we do? • The stakes: what is at stake? What happens if we don’t do something? As you read above (last section on page one), you should create this in an effort to make your viewers do something, even if it is a small action. Show us why we need to listen to you, tell us what we can do, and teach us about who is going to gain from this. You do not have to attach a specific source to a specific claim on the infographic itself, but do be sure to credit all of your sources at the bottom of your document. Your document should be visually interesting and appealing. The Infographic has a number of color, arrangement, font, artistic, and other options that a traditional essay does not offer. Use them to your advantage! Readers must be able to quickly and easily digest the message of your Infographic. A combination of intuitive layout and illustration/text decisions should allow your reader to process exactly what you want done and why in the space of less than one minute. Remember, one of the primary advantages of a visual composition like this is that readers do not have to devote a great deal of time to learn from you. Several websites can help you create the infographic. Here are just a few: Infogram Infographic Creator Piktochart WIX ADOBE SPARK What your INFOGRAPHIC SHOULD ADDRESS: 1. Introduces us to a social problem, human rights issue, or other cause that you feel we should know about and work to make better. 2. Why is at an issue? 3. Why should we know about it? 4. Who does it affect? 5. A call to action: what do you want us to do? What happens if we don’t do it (what’s at stake?) Whatever topic you choose, please make sure it’s well-researched with documented, scholarly material. Graded on: *Research and scholarly sources used *infographic follows instructions and uses color, font, and layout to attract attention *infographic does a good job of communicating about topic *it is clear students did research, cite research within presentation *We learn something new *clear topic and clearly communicated: answers all questions

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