(Solved): Individual Analysis Report & Individual Reflection


(Solved): Individual Analysis Report & Individual Reflection

A report should be correctly referenced in Harvard Style with references in text and in a reference list at the end of your report. 3,000 words (+ or – 10%) • 2,000 Business Report • 1,000 Individual Reflection A formal report, with headings, using your in-depth research, learning and reading as a starting point. Part 1 – (2,000 words) in this formal report you are to “demonstrate your understanding and application of a sustainable approach to Business Management, including strategic planning and CSR challenges” “Identify different types of strategies that businesses use to operate in an ethical and sustainable way” Part 2 – Individual Reflection (1,000 words) Discuss your development in the key skills (for example): • Communication • Numeracy • ICT • Problem Solving • Working with Others Once you have reviewed and identified areas for development you will develop action plans documenting how you plan to improve in those areas and these action plans will be included in your report. (Examples might be – academic writing or working with others or making presentations?) PLEASE NOTE IT IS A REQUIREMENT TO INCLUDE ACADEMIC JOURNALS.

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