(Solved): Increasing Tobacco Taxes Would Reduce Tobacco Use


(Solved): Increasing Tobacco Taxes Would Reduce Tobacco Use

This Rhetorical Analysis Essay is on story called Increasing Tobacco Taxes Would Reduce Tobacco Use by Tobacco and Smoking, 2015 From Opposing Viewpoints in Context (Gale website) with at least 1,000 words (approx. 4 pages, typed and double-spaced) • MLA format with 1″ margins •Works Cited • (introduction) Establishes Kairos – why should we care about this at this particular time Explain the rhetoric situation • (Body) Identify any metaphors, does the writer use the first or second viewpoint or does he/she speak from a distanced viewpoint? Is it formal or informal? Ethos – analyze the ethos – how does the author represent himself? Do you trust the writer? Are you impressed by the writers credentials? Tone Fairness to opposition Logos – analyze the logos Do you agree with these assumptions? Reasoning and fallacies Quality and Evidence Counterpositions Pathos – For whom do you think the arguemeng was written ? What emotions does the writer use in persuading yo to accept the conclusions of the piece ? Identify language. Effective ? • Reflection – overall effectiveness of the argumeng. How successful is the argument overall? Explain what you thought of the authors argument ? Did it work?

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