(Solved): How literature reflect or influence society?


(Solved): How literature reflect or influence society?

Summary response In this lesson, you will read a selection and work on your summary and personal response page. 1. Find* and read a copy of Colin Dwyer’ s “Watch: The ‘Firefall’ Offers A Grand Glimpse Of A Glow In Flow” online and write a one page Summary and personal response (1) page. Rhetorical analysis 2. How does art reflect or influence society? Required source: “I’m like a bird” by Nick Hornby, P 1464-1466. One page essay Short answer: 1. How did 1984 reveal clear connections with the time period in which it was written? compose a short answer responding to that question. Be sure to provide a clear central claim, evidence to back up that claim, and thorough explanations of how your evidence supports your answer. Your response should be between 200-250 words in length. 2. Does the literature from 1960 – present reflect or impact society? Write a short response using examples from the following poetry: “The Explosion” by Phillip Larkin “Prayer” by Carol Ann Duffy “ In the kitchen” by Penelope Shuttle “Come and Go” by Samuel Beckett.

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