(Solved): Globalization News- Revision of already created paper.


(Solved): Globalization News- Revision of already created paper.

Hi Laurie, Thank you for your submission for the Globalization News project. This is a lengthy project, so I really appreciate all of the time and hard work you have clearly put into it. Overall, you have crafted four solidly written and coherent articles on the phenomenon of globalization that take a vast amount of information and condense it into a very readable and engaging format. You have nicely illustrated some of the pros and cons of globalization, as well as some of the risks, challenges, and rewards. In addition, you are citing your sources using the basics of APA style formatting with no major errors by providing accurate in-text citations and a list of references. Excellent! Together, these accomplishments establish a strong foundation for mastery. To master this project, you should address the following items. 1. Article 1: Globalization-What is it? How did it happen? History of Globalization: I suggest adding a paragraph that briefly describes the longstanding history of globalization, beginning centuries ago and culminating in the rapid rise of globalization in the latter half of the 20’th Century. Some of the project resources that would apply here include the Introduction to Globalization and WTO: Globalization and Trade websites, plus the Globalization I and II Crash Course videos. Ethical Issues: So far, you have covered one—income inequality. Since the rubric calls for “issues” (plural), it would be helpful to discuss at least one more ethical issue. Auret van Heerden’s Ted Talk video can be helpful here. 2. Article 2: Marketing to a Global Audience U.S. Focus: It would be helpful to state that the issues you cover here are those issues that U.S. companies might face when trying to market globally. 3. Article 4: Five Global Business Trends Global Impact: Three trends you identify (the Federal Reserve, Trump’s Winning, and China’s economy) are a little too national in scope to count as global trends. One way to address this would be to emphasize the global impact of these trends. Another approach would be to select different trends that function on a more worldwide or global level. 4. Photos, Charts, and Links: To enhance the online context of these articles, some appropriate photos, charts, and links should be added. This helps to make the articles visually appealing and interactive, in keeping with the “online article” context of the assignment. Keep in mind that visual images should be cited (see p. 6 of the CfA Citation Guide). To sum up, your first submission has established a strong basis for project mastery! With just a few revisions here and there, you should have this project mastered easily. I look forward to reading your re-submission.

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