(Solved): Gender Inequality


(Solved): Gender Inequality

A thesis-driven prospectus of a research project, which identifies a current, pressing problem within your research topic, and creates a plan for the research work in the next 16 weeks. A research proposal serves an important function in both educational and institutional research settings. In some cases, research proposals clarify a current research goal and identify an objective and timeline for a long-term project. In other cases, a research proposal makes a case for the importance of a project in order to secure funding. In 302, the Research Proposal will define a current, pressing problem in the topic being researched (a problem that has not currently been solved), explain the context and situation of the problem (including where the problem is occurring, who is involved or affected by the problem, if the problem is a failure of politics, economics, etc.), and provide a brief review of the research undertaken so far. You must quote from or paraphrase at least three (3) sources in this proposal. Research Proposal Requirements: Minimum three pages, typed in MLA conventions Working Bibliography of at least 10 sources * Two ABs for your best sources thus far * Working Bibliography:The sources in your bibliography should be chosen to appeal to an academic audience.

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