(Solved): From hardware to SaaS subscription based business model


(Solved): From hardware to SaaS subscription based business model

This is for the literature review section of my dissertation. In this report, I will be exploring the transition of businesses that have transitioned from hardware to software business model in order to provide a recommendation of implementation for the company in which I am currently doing an internship on. A company currently undergoing a digital transformation and switching business models. The findings will help the company decision makers be better prepared for the change. There are companies such as Adobe, that underwent a business model change in from hardware to software in order to have a more predictable stream of revenue. More and more businesses are realizing that switching business models and providing a subscription type of service will allow them to generate a more predictable and sustainable annualized recurring revenue (ARR). While some firms are born as a SaaS-only firm some others are trying to shift from an appliance business model to a pure software business model for a variety of reasons such as costs, complexity, maintenance, space, and upgrade simplicity.

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