(Solved): Favorite or least favorite television show


(Solved): Favorite or least favorite television show

write an essay about one of your favorite or least favorite television shows. Using three different direct quotes from three different critics, write a paper that synthesizes what critics have to say about ONE specific issue concerning the TV show you chose. Critics MUST be legitimate; not random users on websites like Commonsense Media. Wikipedia is not a critic. See synthesis lesson for details. Your introduction should describe the situation of the show and as many of the main characters as necessary. Information about its ratings or its success would be great. Your thesis should clearly state which issue you are writing about. The body paragraphs (the synthesis part) should present the critics’ comments on the show you chose. This section should answer the question, “What is one significant issue that experts find good or bad about the show?” After using quotes to show what critics say about the issue, you should offer your opinion on it by using examples from as many episodes as you can. The conclusion should offer your prediction about the show’s future direction or its success, based on what you and the critics discussed. Your Works Cited page should include your secondary sources, as well as the show itself. Note that basic facts about the show (who’s who, plot details, etc.) do not need to be cited.

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