(Solved): Essays editing for admission. (Business school application)


(Solved): Essays editing for admission. (Business school application)

I have got 3 drafts to be edited. The required work is to describe activities I did on my high school periods which are relevant to the field of Business What you should know before doing the task is those I made are really rough version of draft. So there would be a lot to modify to make it appropriate to get the admission. Perhaps Im attaching 4 example essays for helping you understand the type of the task. those I am giving you are the ones accepted by the institution I’m applying to. I gonna give you my drafts on the order page Those are the basic instructions so far I’ll give you more details on order page as well Repeat to say, this is a work for the admission and really crucial to me. It’d be the best pleasure if you work thoroughly and have it done on your best.

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