(Solved): ENC Discussion 3 review


(Solved): ENC Discussion 3 review

Reply to each discussions 1. In “Colleges Should Mandate That All Textbooks Be Digitized”, Marc Prensky argues that all college textbooks should be electronic textbooks. He supports his argument by stating how e-books can be expanded to a multitude of supplemental materials, including videos and the like. Prensky says this in the quote, “Faculty can augment texts with additional multimedia materials that enhance the content.” He also mentions the advantage of the connection e-books would have in a way printed books can never duplicate. The source of a quote, or comments on passages, would be easily searchable. And lastly, he supports his argument by stating that the greatest advantage e-books has over printed books is how ideas would be “freed from the printed page”, because once a book is read, “it is closed, and shelved, for most people it tends to stay that way.” With a bit of hesitancy, I agree with Marc Prensky’s arguments that all college textbooks should be digitized eventually. Although, I love the feel of flipping pages and having a physical printed book in my hands, I see the logic of how e-books can be better for specifically colleges and universities. The feel of a physical book in your hands can never be replaced, but it doesn’t have to be. There can be plenty of physical books such as novels and art books. But when it comes to university textbooks, they should expand to be the best they can be. By having electronic textbooks, we can spend less time searching for particular ideas. E-texts can also be more conveniently read on the go, which is something I really think we all need. Carrying a bunch of textbooks electronically makes it easier for us to complete homework and learn anywhere. Students do not have to limited to being in a certain country where the book can be shipped. I also think the study body today is very technology savvy and already use technology in everyday tasks. Working in the Business Administration Department at Broward College has also made me realize how wasteful the college publishers are. There are new editions almost every year, and books become obsolete and useless. These are all factors why electronic textbooks should be the norm for university courses. I’m curious to see what everyone thinks here! I know we might all be a little biased because we are taking this class online, but that’s what electronic medium provides, flexibility to do the most you can with your time. 2. a. What resources are out these for art students to learn? b. How expensive is art school today? c. What are the benefits of art school? d. What did art professionals without a degree do to get good at their craft? e. Do companies employ artists without a degree? Even though I am enrolled in the BAS of Supervision and Management, I am only getting this degree to be able to teach English in Japan. (In Japan, they will hire you as an English Teacher as long as you have any kind of Bachelors, and have all your education completed in an English Speaking country.) I identify my major as art and design. I have completed a degree for digital media arts and spent a lot of money completing a design foundation certification course online. I have worked as a graphic designer, and currently I am a freelance artist. Even going through all this, I think learning more about the negatives of art schools and institutions in this day and age will help future potential artists consider their options. For people wanting to get into the design and art industry, my research on art schools will let them be more knowledgeable in decision-making when getting out of high school and deciding what to path to walk and how to successful get into the industry more efficiently. 3. a. If someone wanted to learn about figure drawing, the subject and how to do it, I would refer them to “Force” book series and the Vilppu Academy drawing videos. The “Force” book series helped me understand figure drawing and how to do it effectively. Also, the author Mike Mattesi has been a professional production artist and instructor for at least 15 years. Mattesi also has had big clients such as Disney, Marvel Comics, DreamWorks and Nickelodeon. I believe that the book is very useful in learning about the figure drawing topic because it comes from a professional in the field, a credible and trustworthy source. My other source is the Vilppu Academy, which is founded by Glen Vilppu, a professional in the art industry that has taught figure drawings for over 50 years. It’s a good source because it’s one recommended by many professionals in the art industry, and the results of the academy are clearly seen in their work and in Vilppu’s work. These sources provide reliable knowledge about the topic, with evidence of good results. b. I plan to research the DACA immigration policy, so my sources could be official government documents, actual recounts of first-hand experience with this policy, and opinions of experts in the field like immigration lawyers. These types of sources would cover logical, emotional and ethical appeals and work to give a solid understanding and a convincing argument with credible sources to readers. 4. (I will give you in the next couple days).

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