(Solved): Economic risk when exporting Australia wine to America


(Solved): Economic risk when exporting Australia wine to America

SCENARIO: In this task, you have been engaged as a consultant to conduct a country attractiveness assessment for an Australian agribusiness producer which is seeking to expand its business offshore. The company produces a range of wines of the highest quality. It has been successful in growing its domestic market and now wishes to explore opportunities internationally. However, it lacks international experience so has sought external advice in making its country selection decision. Your client is currently evaluating the following markets for their potential attractiveness: United States of America, Poland, and Turkey. The company is intending to expand into foreign markets by exporting via a distributor. As a consultant to the company, you are being asked to provide a report on ONE of these countries only. You are not being asked to rank the countries so you need to choose a single country to research for your report. Please note that you may not choose a country for your assignment if it is your home country/a country in your home region. You should use the same country that you used for Part 1 of the assignment. This consulting assignment requires you to assess the country risks and market opportunities of the business environment of your chosen country, taking into account the product and its industry context. In Part 2 of this task, you are expected to focus on Theme 3 (Economic Risks/Factors) and Theme 4 (Social Risks/Factors). It is important to note: your analysis should focus on those aspects of the risks that are most relevant and useful to your client. At the end of your report you should make an assessment as to whether you conclude the country is potentially an attractive market for your client’s products, based on your analysis. You need to make this recommendation clear to your client. As this is Part 2 of an assignment is is acceptable to refer to key points covered and discussed in Part 1 rather than rewriting these in full. However, you should avoid copy/pasting (as this would be a case of recycling and be considered Academic Honesty). In the case that you do refer to Part 1 of the assignment – you should do so clearly and concisely and ensrue that it serves to build your new analysis i.e. you should not being trying to use Analysis from Part 1again in this assignment. (the chosen country and market is America) (part I assignment is the political risk assignment that you have written for my friend, and this is the part 2 economic risk assignment)

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