(Solved): Donald Trump and immigration speech.


(Solved): Donald Trump and immigration speech.

Write a Rogerian argument in the form of a letter addressed to a specific person, either someone you know, someone you have heard deliver a speech, or the author of an article that has disturbed you.  As you generate ideas for your argument, take stock of what you know about your audience and summarize his or her view in a way that your audience would find satisfactory as your explore what you audience values and believes in, also explore how your own values differ.  Where do you agree with your audience?  Under what condition would you find your audience’s values acceptable?  Follow the suggestions from the chart on page 144 that explains the element of Rogerian argument.  For examples of Rogerian arguments see the examples from the text on page 145 and page 152.  This argument should be in the form of a letter, and the body of the letter, excluding any letterheads, inside addresses, greetings, and signatures, which are not to be considered as part of the word count, should be at least 300 words long. 

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