(Solved): Do Businesses Have a Responsibility to Society Beyond Making Profit?


(Solved): Do Businesses Have a Responsibility to Society Beyond Making Profit?

Rationale To build on the themes and issues explored in the course, deepen your understanding, and enhance your critical thinking and communication skills, you are to prepare a paper that synthesizes your review and analysis of one of the four issues covered in Weeks 1 through 4. Choose an issue that interests you and that you want to explore in more depth. Description Your review and analysis should include the following: 1. Context (roughly 300 words) Define the overall issue and its importance as you see it. In other words, what is the question/issue about and why does it matter/why is it worth exploring? 2. Position Summaries of papers (approximately 300 words) Summarize the YES and NO positions as outlined or inferred in the required readings. Focus on clearly and objectively defining the authors’ core positions and key supporting arguments, as you understand them (vs. trying to speak to every argument the authors make) and as they apply to the issue. As part of your summary, highlight the major points of disagreement and one or more points of agreement between the sides. 3. Assessment of articles (approximately 750 words) Identify and discuss the key merits and limitations of the YES and NO positions / arguments as you see them. In other words, utilize your critical thinking skills to evaluate the claims made. This includes, but is not limited to, considering such things as the basis of the positions/arguments (e.g., belief/opinion vs. fact/evidence), the comprehensiveness of analysis (e.g., extent to which they account for alternative views or are missing, ignoring or neglecting important points or information), the assumptions made and logic employed (e.g., X assumes Z and doesn’t account for Y), the real or potential implications of the positions (e.g., X would likely increase consumer choice and, therefore, be more likely to gain public support). As part of your assessment, include additional perspectives on the issue drawn from other sources (i.e., supplementary articles, podcasts or videos or your own research). Comment on how the additional perspectives compare to those offered above (e.g., whereas so and so argues X, theory Y suggests Z; similar to X, Y argues Z). How do they support, challenge or augment the primary YES/NO claims and/or otherwise enrich the debate? Discuss the merits and/or limitations of the additional perspectives as you see them. What makes them compelling or problematic in your view? What do they add to the discussion? The additional perspectives may represent completely different positions than those offered in the YES/NO readings or be variations thereof – regardless, they should add another dimension to the discussion. Consider the quality of the sources used and avoid drawing on only those that support a single position. 4. Personal Position & Concluding Thoughts (approximately 300 words) Finally, state and explain your position on the issue in response to your review and analysis above. Given all that you have read and considered on the issue, where do you stand on the question? What are your conclusions? This doesn’t have to be a definitive YES/NO position. You might be clear on some points and have outstanding questions on others. Discuss it. Just be sure to explain why you have reached the conclusions you have. Keep the paper to a maximum of 1500 words and follow the School’s formatting standards as well as the communications & critical thinking (APA FORMAT). Headings are most welcome as are footnotes and visuals (e.g., photos, illustrations, graphs, diagrams, charts). Make it a meaningful exercise. Readings: There is one more reading, however, I cannot seem to upload the file type as it is an academic paper and it requires log in details. * In addition to the supplied readings, two sources of your choice MUST be used.

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