(Solved): Critically evaluate the importance of the work of Michael Porter.


(Solved): Critically evaluate the importance of the work of Michael Porter.

Students will write a final report of approximately 3,000 words (+/- 10%). The final report varies tremendously both in terms of the methods used and the intended outcomes. A summative essay on a given topic set out by the course leader. This may be related to a specific sector.  Selecting a final report topic Selecting a report target that will develop the capabilities you feel are important Choosing one that also meets the subject requirements Meeting the expectations of any industrial organisations Being able to manage the final report in terms of time, obtaining access and producing a quality result  Designing the final report An outline of the problem or research question to be investigated Reasons why this as a valuable undertaking What data are needed and how they will be collected Timelines for involvement with the organisation and project completion  Trying to achieve Factual: the factual or informative report is expected to define or establish a current business situation Instructional: the report is supposed to explore a situation and suggest a range of options for further research , Strategy and Transformation 2017-18 17 plan Persuasive: the report is supposed to investigate a problem and suggest a specific outcome It is recommended that researching/reading for a particular topic should begin with relevant sources detailed under the relevant lecture topic. The final essay topics- you should choose one of them with relevant strategic theory(ies) 1. Critically evaluate the importance of the work of Michael Porter. To what extent are his ideas still relevant to modern day strategy making, especially public sectors? 2. Discuss two cases (Amazon and Alibaba) of institutional entrepreneurship with which you are familiar: what was the pattern of innovation in each case? 3. Is globalization good? If so, good for whom? Who are its strategic winners and losers?

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