(Solved): Critically assessing the nine-pillars of good corporate governance


(Solved): Critically assessing the nine-pillars of good corporate governance

Dubai SME an agency of Department of Economic Development Dubai, has formulated ‘Nine Pillars of good corporate governance” (attached the file). Write an essay critically assessing the nine-pillars. Are these pillars the most important principles of corporate governance for SME’s? In your answer, refer to appropriate literature and relevant and reliable sources to support your views, assessment and critical analysis. MARKING CRITERIA Details of Marking Criteria for Essay are shown below: Critical Analysis (60%) Demonstrated: Understanding of key concepts and theories Critical and independent analysis of the key arguments and concepts in the reference material you cite Understanding of the relationship between the important aspects of the topic Well-developed argument demonstrating a sound understanding of the topic Research Depth (30%) Demonstrated: Adequate number of references used Relevance of references cited Correct and adequate citation using the Harvard system of referencing Presentation (10%) Demonstrated: Use of appropriate academic style Well-structured and coherent presentation of argument Harvard Referencing.

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