(Solved): Critically assess to what extent industrial relations in China have transformed to market-driven relations.


(Solved): Critically assess to what extent industrial relations in China have transformed to market-driven relations.

One 1,500 word individual essay The introduction of the book ‘From Iron Rice to Informalisation’ (Kuruvilla, Lee, Gallagher) and Chapter 16 (India and China) in Beardwell and Thompson are good starting points. Your essay should draw on the essential and further readings of the China and USA lectures, and the relevant case study tutorial readings. You could then also draw on further chapters of the book by Kuruvilla, Lee, and Gallagher. The essay is placed in the broader debate on convergence and divergence that needs to be briefly discussed. An awareness of the cultural/institutional explanation and the relevant debates would help. The essay ought to discuss industrial relations and the nature of job regulation along dimensions such as: the relationship between employees, managers, and the state; trade union organising and influence; and employment rights and practices like employment protection, flexibility and precarious employment, dispute resolution or pay and rewards. These have changed considerably from the ‘iron rice bowl’ to the post financial crisis era. You should pay particular attention to the role of the state: Traditionally, a key stakeholder in Chinese industrial relations. Do industrial relations resemble the Anglo-Saxon US-style market-driven model focused on deregulation, liberalisation and hostility toward trade union organisation with a ‘hands-off’ state? Are they increasingly becoming similar, i.e. converging, or do they continue to be different, i.e. diverge, in spite of strong converging pressures through global integration and MNCs? There are similarities between the countries such as the spread of informality. There are also continued differences leading some authors to argue that there are continued socialist characteristics. They key argument should argue for either convergence, divergence or could explore alternative approaches. ASSIGNMENT CHECKLIST Having completed your assignment, run through the following checklist: 1) Have you dealt with the points you underlined in the question? 2) Is everything that you have written relevant? 3) Have you supported each point adequately? 4) Are there links between each paragraph? Does your essay “flow”? 5) Have you done a spell check? Have you checked your grammar? 6) Have you checked your references and your referencing? Do they follow the Harvard system? 7) Is there a reference list? Does it follow the Harvard system? 8) Does your conclusion draw together the key points? 9) Have you answered the question? Once you have completed all of the above, read your essay and check that what you have written makes sense. Try giving your essay to someone to read who knows nothing about this topic area. Your arguments and discussion should still make sense to them. If they don’t – then you still have more work to do on the essay.

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