(Solved): Critical Analysis Paragraph


(Solved): Critical Analysis Paragraph

For this assignment, you will write a paragraph (or two) of critical analysis on ONE of the following sources: Make sure that include the following steps/elements (you don’t necessarily need to follow this order in a direct way, but I would like to see these five move reflected in your work). Step One: Provide a topic sentence to explain which piece of support you will be looking at, and to give a brief sense of what it is about (this is essentially the “topic” of your paragraph – the place where you set up what is to follow). Step Two: Pick a direct quote from one of the essays that shows one of the author’s pieces of support. For the purposes of this assignment, it is totally acceptable to use a direct quote that is even a paragraph in length since your aim is to show your reader something you want them to see. Step Three: Explain what the quote is saying in your own words. Here, you are essentially summarizing the most important aspects of the quote – this helps to set up why you are using the quote. Step Four: Explain how the example that you have used seems to be designed to convince readers. For explanations of some of the common kinds of persuasive/rhetorical strategies that author’s use, consult the “Critical Analysis and Rhetorical Analysis” chapter in the “Critical Analysis” folder on Blackboard. Make sure to identify the strategy that the author is using, and then explain how that strategy is supposed to work to convince readers. Step Five: How is the piece of support that you have been discussing in this paragraph meant to support the author’s thesis? Is it an effective piece of support for the argument of the article? Why or why not? (this last section is where your opinion begins to show). Format: Times New Roman, 12-point font, double space, 1-inch margins (2.54cm). Cite the article in APA style after you provide a direct quotation or paraphrase (author, year, paragraph). For example: (Desjardins, 2015, par. 3). No other APA elements are required.

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