(Solved): Critical Analysis of Journal Article ” Leading Diversity in Organisations”


(Solved): Critical Analysis of Journal Article ” Leading Diversity in Organisations”

A critical analysis should briefly summaries the main arguments of the article. Choose a second, related article for similar analysis (either from reading folder or online sources) and critique them. Your comments should focus on the way in the journal article was useful to you in understanding your chosen topic (need to find new Journal Article). To complete this assessment: 1- Select ONE topic from lecture/subject schedule during Lectures 1 – 5. Lecture topic chosed as the following: Leading Diversity in Organizations 2. Select a related journal article – either from the Reading folder or other source which is related to your original choice. (provided as the following) Journal article Provided in the pdf files I. Main Journal: An opportunity for east and west to share leadership: A multicultural analysis of shared leadership preferences in global teams Kendall Herberta,*, Audra I. Mockaitisa and Lena Zanderb II. Leadership emergence in multicultural teams: The power of global characteristics Alon Lisak a,*, Miriam Erez b,1 a 3. Use the provided worksheet to make notes prior to finalizing your critical discussion (Appendix E). You should focus on a critique which includes discussion of the following: 1. Purpose/Scope 2. Critique of existing literature 3. Data collection and analysis 4. Findings, results, conclusion 4. Write a critical analysis/comparative summary for your selected academic journal article in relation to any other related article you have chosen. 5. Cite your articles correctly, being sure to include their electronic links (URL’s). This will allow your peer reviewer to access the articles you have chosen. 6. Please include the full citation of your selected journal article from the reading list at the top of the first page, before beginning the critique. style Your critical analyses must be typed, standard format. 10-12-point font, 2.5 cm margins. All references in Harvard format. Each page requires a reference for the relevant journal in correct Harvard format. attachments have a full information Assessment Rubric can be provided.

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