(Solved): College admissions essay


(Solved): College admissions essay

In a 750-1000 word essay, please describe what experiences motivate and prepare you to complete your baccalaureate degree at the NYUSPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies. In your response please address each of the following questions: • What led you to decide on the degree program that you are applying to? Describe how this choice fits into your personal, academic, and professional trajectory. What opportunities do you plan on pursuing upon graduation? • How do you know that you are prepared to invest the time and attention that success in your chosen program requires? In your answer, please provide an example from your past educational or professional experience that helps us get a sense of who you are as a learner and your demonstrated ability to see projects to completion. • Being successful often requires approaching new challenges (e.g.,starting a new degree program), with optimism and purpose. What strategies do you use when faced with a new challenge or situation? How would you apply those to navigating NYUSPS? In your answer, please provide an example of time when you overcame a challenge or obstacle trying something new. What steps did you take to be successful? How did you secure the support that you needed?

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