(Solved): Case study of a bilingual


(Solved): Case study of a bilingual

For this research paper, you will create a case study of the bilingual (or multilingual) development of an urban resident (such as a New York City inhabitant). Transcripted attached. Please edit it by listening to the audio. Interviewing that person, you will make a written case study of the factors that seem personally important to that individual in his or her bilingual development. Your case study should total 4–5 pages (or 1000–1250 words) in length, not including the “References” list or the interview transcript to be included in the appendix. The research paper should be word-processed in 12-point Times New Roman font, with double spacing, one-inch margins, and consecutive page numbering throughout . TEXTBOOK READINGS: The required textbook is Ofelia García’s Bilingual Education in the 21st Century: A Global Perspective, with contributions by Hugo Baetens Beardsmore (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009) [ISBN: 9781405119948]. Chapter 1 attach 2 other articles attached please use and cite them Interview audio and transcript:

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