(Solved): Case Analysis Report (Sergio Marchionne leading change in Fiat and Chrysle)


(Solved): Case Analysis Report (Sergio Marchionne leading change in Fiat and Chrysle)

Case Study Sergio Marchionne leading change in Fiat and Chrysler(provided as PDF FILE) Guideline need to be followed as in theassgiment outline and Rubic file (attached) They are expected to read the case, analyse it using the appropriate concepts and models delivered throughout the subject, write a report In your Individual Case Analysis Report of 2000 words, please provide a brief summary of your allocated case, identifying the key issues and present your analyses and recommendations (please refer to Marking Criteria for detailed assessment information Provided in pdf file). Students are expected to base their analyses of the case on all the concepts as discussed in class in addition to referring to at least 10 scholarly articles for conducting your analyses. A suggested structure for the report is as follows: 1. Cover Page 2. Executive Summary 3. Table of Contents a. Followed by a list of tables and figures where applicable b. Followed by a list of Appendices where applicable 4. Introduction (to the report) 5. Summary of the Case Study 6. Analysis 7. Identification of Problems/Issues 8. Recommendations and Conclusion 9. List of References used a. References should be of academic quality 10. Appendices, where applicable Note 1: Students must achieve a minimum grade of P (50/100) in the final report assessment task in order to pass this subject. Note 2: All students in this subject should be aware that, as well as taking TurnItIn originality information into account, the lecturer may randomly audit individual submissions for originality. Instances of poor academic practice will be investigated and may lead to loss of marks.

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