(Solved): Business Communication Essential: Writing Persuasive Message


(Solved): Business Communication Essential: Writing Persuasive Message

In your own words answer each topic question with minimal of 70 words or more. Cite all references and use APA guideline. 1. What are some questions to ask when gauging the audience needs during the planning of a persuasive message. Explain 2. How do emotional appeals differ from logical appeals? explain 3. What three types of reasoning can you use in logical appeals? explain 4. What is the AIDA model, and what are its limitations? explain 5. Why do promotional messages needs to be short and simple on mobile devices? explain 6. When writing persuasive message, why is it so important to give special attention to the analysis of your purpose and audience. explain 7. Is the “hard-sell” approach unethical? why or why not? 8. Discuss the Three-step writing process for Persuasive Messages. Explain 9. Assess how the AIDA Model could be used to develop an effective presentation. Explain

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