(Solved): Building long-term success – Uber and London taxis


(Solved): Building long-term success – Uber and London taxis

In your work on Block 3 you encountered Uber and London’s black cab industry, most notably in Session 13, Activity 13.6. Listen again to the audio in that activity. It investigates threats to the traditional taxi business and asks whether black cabs can respond to competition enabled by new technologies or whether they go the way of the red telephone box. When you have listened to the audio return here and read the case study below, and then answer the following questions: In what ways does Uber’s business model both enhance and detract from the creation of shared value? How is the creation of value for a taxi service shaped over time? What factors may create operational risk for Uber? How should these risks be mitigated? Identify the factors which could be potentially damaging to Uber’s corporate reputation or brand. Using appropriate concepts, recommend how Uber can prevent these issues from developing into a crisis for the organisation.

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