(Solved): British History


(Solved): British History

As a student of English 6 you need to develop strategies to search for relevant information in larger amounts of text, as well as strategies for source-critical approaches. You are also supposed to learn more about historical, political and cultural conditions in different parts of the world where English is used. In this assignment you get to work with all of that. In Study guide 1 you read about British history. Your task now is to choose one of the keywords in the list (p 6 in the Realia-document) and give a speech on the importance of that event or person in British history. This is the imagined speech situation: You give your presentation to a group of other students of English 6. Your task is to make them interested in this particular event or person. Your task is also to inform them about the importance of this event/person. In order to solve this task successfully you need to search for relevant information. You can use books, magazines, the Internet etc. You must use at least two different sources. When looking for information it is important to be a critical reader. Can the sources that you are using be trusted? Who is behind it? Remember that the source-critical approach is also part of the assessment! All sources that you have used must be listed in the text editor. If using Internet-based sources, the exact web addresses should be listed. Also tell me what you did to make sure your sources are reliable – a few sentences in the text editor for each source is enough. Remember that it is important to speak freely. You should not read from a full manuscript. A good way to prepare is to write down important keywords. Then practise speaking freely from your list of keywords. When you feel confident about speaking you record the soundfile. Your speech should be 2-3 minutes long.

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