(Solved): Assignment project by analysing casebook and textbook


(Solved): Assignment project by analysing casebook and textbook

This project requires to analyze a case by textbook information, we do not need information from any other resources. In other words, we do need any other references. Morover, I will upload 7 files, including casebook, textbook, midterm project, midterm project general feedback, project requirement, report template re-strategic analysis, and one exmple. Specificlly, midterm project is my first task and got general feedback from instructor The exmple that I upload is my second task. To be honest, the first one is lower mark than second. Although those two task is just little different requirement with this time, you can draw lessons from them to correct some inappropriate parts to get a good one at this time. Moreover, report template re-strategic analysis is outline and you have to completely follow it, please do not miss any parts.

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