(Solved): Assessment 3 – Report on Managing and retaining staff, Week 12, 45%


(Solved): Assessment 3 – Report on Managing and retaining staff, Week 12, 45%

Length: 2,000 words ± 10% (including executive summary, introduction, heading and subheadings, and conclusion but excluding title page and reference list) Before starting this assessment, please read the attached assessment guidelines that includes the assessment rubric. Assessment Task: Throughout the term, we have discussed news stories and the HR implications arising from these stories. For assessment 3, you will write a report as if you were a consultant to an organisation. You will write about one of the three news stories on Moodle (i.e. one on penalty rates, one on gender equality, and one on performance and rewards), identifying the problem, analyzing it in terms of the relevant theory and literature, and providing practical solutions. You must draw on the material relating to Strategic HRM (Week 1) as well as material from 2-3 themes from Weeks 6 to Week 11 (i.e. employee relations challenges, managing diversity, performance management, learning and development, motivation and rewards, and employee turnover and retention). You should engage in extensive research within the academic literature to develop an argument with appropriate theoretical discussion and references. You must cite at least ten (10) relevant peer reviewed journal articles. You can cite other academic references such as books, conference papers, and book chapters but these will NOT be counted as part of the 10 journal articles.

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