(Solved): Annotated Bibliography


(Solved): Annotated Bibliography

In the past three weeks, you have worked on finding, evaluating, and synthesizing sources. It is now time to apply these abilities to your research for Major Paper #1. This week, you will use each of these three strategies to create an Annotated Bibliography, which will demonstrate the research you have done, evaluate the sources you have found, and consider how each will be useful to you as you construct your argument for Major Paper #1. Your Annotated Bibliography should contain 5–6 sources. You may use any of the sources that you have used for homework or discussion posts in previous weeks. This means that, if you choose to use the sources you synthesized in week 3, you already have three of your sources, and only need to find two or three more. Start by setting up your Annotated Bibliography like an MLA formatted works cited page. Include MLA formatted citations for each of your 5–6 sources. Then, for each source, write a 1–2 paragraph summary of the source. Next, for each source, write a 1–2 paragraph description of how you evaluate the source’s credibility and effectiveness. Be sure that you are critiquing the source as you reflect, noting strengths for your paper but examining weaknesses as well. Finally, explain also how you plan to use the source in your paper. This can be a separate paragraph, or a part of the evaluation paragraph, but, in either case, it needs to be well-developed and detailed. Before you begin, review this sample annotation from the Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.) for layout and formatting. Reminder: This homework assignment must be submitted as a MS Word file attachment.

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