(Solved): Analysis of ” By The Time We Get to Arizona”


(Solved): Analysis of ” By The Time We Get to Arizona”

This essay is an analysis of the short story, which I will include in the attached files. My professor doesn’t look for “smart word” choices but instead of a well construct essay. The essay has to tackle the following questions: How well does it imagine a plausible future? Is its subject relevant to the issues of today? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Would you recommend it to another person? you can use these following question to make it more in-depth and make it easier on your part: What story has the writer chosen for this assignment? What question are they trying to answer? Does this question seem too broad? Too narrow? Is it obvious or creative? How is the story handled? Is it cited and explained according to MLA guidelines? If not, what do you suggest? Do the topic sentences of each paragraph clearly relate to the purpose of the paper? If not, what should be revised, or removed, to improve global cohesion? Does any paragraph contain material that appears unrelated to the intent of that paragraph? Which one? Do you recommend developing that material into a separate paragraph or removing it? What kinds of transitions are used to move from one paragraph to the next? Are these natural or forced? How does the conclusion address the paper topic in light of the body paragraphs? Also, my professor will use MLA work sited updated from 2016. *there is another half part of the story, I’ll upload them when you accept this assignment since max upload file is limited for me.

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