This paper is 2-3 pages long in MLA format. What you are required to do is analyze ONE essay from this week’s module, in agreement or disagreement with the author of the essay. Read the essay carefully and decide whether you mostly agree or mostly disagree (you don’t have to be 100% on one side). Your thesis will be stating what side you are on, and the rest of the paper will take the essay apart and discuss its supporting points and give reason why you agree or disagree with those supporting points. You can give examples of your own, hypothetical scenarios, imagine what it would be like to have her lifestyle, and explain why you think she is correct or not. Keep in mind that she makes a feminist argument (so do you think her points are indeed feminist points?) Structure of the paper: Introduction: name the essay title and the author, her main point, and your main agreement or disagreement. After the first time you mention the author, only refer to her by her last name. Body paragraphs: discuss in each paragraph one point that she makes. Give a short quotation to show what she says, and cite the quote properly. Make sure you introduce or embed the quote in your own sentences, such as: Joseph thinks that “many wives can share one husband” (para. 3). Since you only discuss one author, you don’t need to cite her name in parenthesis after the quote, but you do need to specify the paragraph number). Make sure you explain what you think the quote means and what you think of it. You don’t have to discuss all the supporting points she makes, but at least discuss three. Give reasons why you agree or disagree. Note: usually, page number is what comes after quote, except when you don’t have the page number, in which case you use paragraph number (as in this paper) Conclusion: put things in perspective, draw a conclusion. No quotes or details in the conclusion. After the last paragraph, include Work Cited, where you write: last name, first name. “Title of essay” (in quotation marks). Journal title and date of publication, in italics. Website (the one I included with the essay).

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