(Solved): A Monkey Economy As Irrational As Ours – Monkeynomics


(Solved): A Monkey Economy As Irrational As Ours – Monkeynomics

Please watch this video entitled, “A Monkey Economy As Irrational As Ours-Monkeynomics” (left click on the link below) Video Link (Links to an external site.) After watching the video, please answer the questions listed below in your own words. Your response should be a minimum of approximately 200 words and MUST address each question posed.This post is worth 30 points. Please take the time to formulate a thoughtful/specific response as the points you are awarded are reflective of the level of detail and care you put into your response. For example, points will be deducted if you provide a two-sentence response that does not address the specific question. Please post any general questions under the weekly question thread. Questions: 1.) Discuss the two observations about humans as stated by Laurie Santos in the beginning of the video? 2.) Explain what the research says about why we,as humans, experience a laps in judgement or make mistakes. 3.) Discuss the parameters of Laurie Santos’s experiment. Describe the results of Laurie Santos’s research? 4.) Why are the results of the study noteworthy?

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