(Solved): 1984 Propaganda Assignment


(Solved): 1984 Propaganda Assignment

Part 1: Aphorisms and Propaganda (3 – 4 pages) Do some research and familiarize yourself with the propaganda used in any conflict or by any regime. (For example, The Communist Party in China, the Bush administration around the time of the Iraq War, World War I, etc.) Draw parallels and make connections between what you find, and the aphorisms and propaganda used by the Party in Nineteen Eighty–Four. Discuss the power of aphorisms and research the role of propaganda. Write a short essay of three or four pages double spaced, detailing your discoveries and thoughts. Part 2: Manifesto! (2 pages) Adopting the role and perspective of Smith, write a Manifesto intended to persuade your compatriots to become insurgents in a revolution that will destroy the Party. Your manifesto can take the form of an underground, secret publication that would circulate among the population. Make sure your manifesto has a powerful name, write your own aphorisms to support your cause, and use your best creatively persuasive skills to incite major change! DOWN WITH THE PARTY, COMRADES! Part 3: Multimedia Propaganda Support your manifesto with other media. Create two different pieces of propaganda using 2 different media forms – a poster, an audio clip such as would be played over loud speakers or the radio, a video that could interrupt the television airwaves, or any other creative form of propaganda you can think of. * If creating a poster, consider the purpose, and elements such as font, colour, and composition. How does it convey your intended meaning? * Audio and visual clips need not be long – aim for about a minute or two at the outside. Take your cue from newscasts on television – rarely does a story receive more than a couple of minutes. Part 4: Reflection Write a one page journal style reflection addressing the following questions. Explain and discuss. * Which aspects of this assignment were more or less interesting to you? Why? * What part(s) of your assignment are you proud of? * Which area do you feel you could have been improved? * Did you gain any insight, or develop any questions about how media and propaganda function?

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