(Solved): 12 angry men analysis


(Solved): 12 angry men analysis

After watching the movie “12 Angry Men”, identify at least 2 examples of the following used during the film: Fallacies Assumptions Language Write a reflection of what you have identified from the film and explain how each was used in the film and how it weakened or strengthened the argument(s). Also identify the weak criticial thinkers and the strong critical thinkers and explain how their thinking impacted their discussions. (This should be 1 paragraph.) This needs to be at least 3 pages. 12 point font, double-spaced, Times New Roman. Use your best grammar and spelling for this assignment You will need to use the film and/or the screenplay as a source. The source should be cited properly using APA format and it should include a works cited page. You can review the movie on YouTube if needed. I have also provided a link to the screenplay if reading the dialogue will help. SCRIPTPLAY IS HERE

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