Social Determinants Of Health


Read the articles: **8Social murder and the Doug Ford governmentAccusing the Ford government of ‘social murder’ is deplorable.  Prepare an essay that addresses the following questions: • On first reading, who do you think makes the best arguments concerning the different ways to raise public policy issues related to health? Why? What do you think the average Canadians’ responses to each of the article might be? • What is the value in using graphic terms such as “social murder” in putting these issues on the public policy agenda? • What might be the downsides of using such language? On balance would such language move these issues forward or back? Why? • What are some means by which Canadians can come to know and accept the importance of the social determinants of health and the public policies that shape them? • If you were to try and convince someone you personally knew of the importance of these issues, how would you go about it?

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