Race,Ethnicity And Health



Purpose: to observe and analyze an organization’s cultural competence. This assignment will help students identify the dynamics and aspects of racism and cultural insensitivity in organizations and agencies.

1.Choose an agency, organization, institution or health care facility that you are familiar with. (It does not have to be a health-related place.) It may be one where you are; currently working or volunteering or one you are familiar with from the past. Answer the following questions, some of which may require you to seek additional information from outside sources.

a.Does/did the organization promote cultural diversity? Can you discern any feelings or attitudes that prevail around race and ethnicity within the organization? Has the organization done anything specific to promote greater diversity?

b.How would you describe the organizational culture? Do you feel that members of various communities of color would be comfortable entering and being part of it (as a employee, patient/client?) Is there anything about the organization’s structure that makes it accessible or inaccessible to people of color?

c.What does it feel like working or volunteering there?

d.Would you say that the “culture” of the organization is predominately Euro-American?

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