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Purdue University The Limited Too Company Analytical ReviewSchool

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You have been hired to analyze the advertising communication efforts of The Limited Too online. Using the information found in Chapters 1 and 2 of the textbook, review the Web site for Justice, formerly Limited Too.

Justice ClothingIdentify the target market(s) for this company. Then, complete the following.Lab Tasks and Responsibilities1. In brief, complete a Consumer Segment Profile of the brand from your review of the Web site. With this, we attempt to describe the primary and secondary target markets of the brand.The profile of a consumer segment comes from the things we find out about the segment, such as demographics, geographics, psychographics, demogeographics, and buyer behaviors. Then, these things together create the profile.Demographics – the numbers that makeup members of a group such as age, income, etc.Geographics – where members of the target market live and/or work.Psychographics – how members of the target market think and feel and their live style.Demogeographics – it is possible that members of a target market live near each other.Buyer Behaviors – how buyers behave with regard to the products/services in our business category…how they make decisions.2. From the analysis of the brand from step one, create one ad (print, radio, or television) that addresses the target market and their needs and creatively makes the brand of the client stand out.3. Present your outcome to the “client” (the instructor of this course) in a MS Word document by the established deadline using link above.

Often for the Consumer Segment Profile (also known as a target market), we have the attributes (Demographics, Geographics, Psychographics, Demogeographics, and Buyer Behaviors) listed in a bullet point way and then some narrative bringing them together. Remember, this is our first run at the concept of a customer segment or target market, so don’t worry about getting “right”.

What we want to start to think about is…if we were trying to find the best customer for this product, what would that customer be like…how old, how much income, where located, education levels, what they value in life, how they live their life, what their friends are like, how they buy products and services like ours…we want to ask “who are these primary customers really?”

For your new ad..make it easy and simple…the ad here is a rough draft of your thinking…after looking at the target market…what might motivate them to buy from the company. And, what benefits the customer might find in the company and its products should be at the heart of any ad. However, an ad cannot be just “funny”, it must have some foundation of target market knowledge to include the benefits the target market will find in the company/brand/products/services.

The structure for a response should be to rewrite the question and then respond in a way that helps the reader understand what you know and what you are proposing based upon what you know.