Purdue University Reasons for Inappropriate Behavior PaperSchool


Purdue University Reasons for Inappropriate Behavior PaperSchool

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The Reasons for Inappropriate Behavior.

In a 5- to 8-page paper, discuss the target behavior you identified in the Unit 1 Discussion (Discussion topic 1) and address the following:

unit 1 information needed for the paper. = A toxic behavior that I would like to change is my overthinking.

  1. Briefly discuss the operational definition of your target behavior and whether you would like to increase or decrease the frequency of this behavior.
  2. What is maintaining the target behavior excess or deficit you identified? Can you think of anything that motivates you to either not engage in or to increase the frequency of the target behavior?
  3. How do you think the target behavior was initially learned (i.e., operant versus respondent conditioning)? Please support your choice with references and additional literature.
  4. What are your current ideas for modifying the behavior? How do you plan to increase a behavioral deficit or decrease a behavioral excess? Considering the target behavior identified, what type of ethical issues might arise that you should consider?
  5. Provide a realistic assessment of how effective you think you will be when attempting to modify the target behavior. Be sure to address the overall frequency and severity of the behavior.