Preparation Of Presentation To Elected Official Revised




Description Of The Assignment

For this assignment, the focus is preparation for the presentation to the selected elected official regarding the healthcare concern and the proposed resolution.  A video presentation of the healthcare concern and its proposed resolution will be prepared and presented.  Following completion of this, a written self-evaluation is required.  

2.Paper Content:

Overview of the healthcare policy concern and solution: This section provides a concise but comprehensive overview of the healthcare policy as well as the solution.  Required content includes:

Identification of the healthcare policy

Identification of the student identified solution

Relevance to the community or population group

Identification of communication techniques: This section requires the delineation of communication techniques useful to the upcoming presentation to the selected elected official.  Required content includes:

Identification of the selected elected official and position

Rationale for the selection

Identification of 4 (four) beneficial communication/presentation techniques

Providing scholarly resources that support the use of the identified communication techniques

Self-evaluation of video presentation:  This section provides an opportunity for self-evaluation of the video recording.  The student must self-evaluate oneself in each major content area by identifying one positive and one area to improve (i.e. content, method of delivery, and style of delivery):


Introduction of self

Presentation of healthcare policy concern

Presentation of student identified solution to the healthcare policy concern


Information is relevant to healthcare concern and its solution.

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