PIE Model: Challenges of First-Year College Students


PIE Model: Challenges of First-Year College Students

The Outline

Starting a college life can be very challenging for the first years as they have to adjust to a new lifestyle that they are not accustomed to. Some of the challenges that the first-year college students experience in the initial stages of college life include:

  1. Social and cultural change challenges. The challenges can be overcome by recognizing and accepting the diversity of cultures.
  2. First-year college students are faced financial challenges where they have to need money for fees payment, upkeep, and for the purchase of learning materials. To deal with the challenge, students can apply for educational scholarships or grants.
  3. Lack of guidance from their parents and elders. They can overcome the challenge by following their pre-established norms as well as the virtues practiced in the college.
  4. Finding new friends could be another challenge which could be solved by being yourself as you involve in activities that you like.
  5. Time management. I am setting a rough schedule to enable efficient utilization of time.

Challenges of First-Year College Students

Transitioning from a high school life can be a great experience and, at the same time, pose some challenges. Starting college life is tantamount to starting a new life of self-reliance and self-discovery, which, to a large extent, shapes their overall outlook of life. The challenges faced by first-year students can be divided into groups. The three groups are making adjustments, security, and being lost. According to, the first years have to make many adjustments, and they face many difficulties in adjusting to a completely new lifestyle. The majority of them will attend colleges that are away live away from their homes and their parents and therefore feel that they lack social security. Many of the students have to rent rooms with other students, and since they are in the first year of college, they find it challenging as they are not used to this kind of lifestyle. In addition, in the absence of an elder or a parent to guide them, the first year’s students are likely to drift away from their normal behavioral paths in doing wrong things. In some cases, the students who live in the hostel will have some discipline and control instilled by the hostel management, although it cannot be comparable to what can be achieved by a parent.

The first-year students are faced with financial security where the money is needed for the purchase of learning materials, payment of fees, and utility.  The financial challenges can be over by applying for scholarships and applying for educational grants. They are also faced with various social challenges, including the balancing of cultural and social diversity, which may be different from what they are familiar with from their communities. The challenge of social change can be overcome by the acceptance of the social and cultural diversity that exists among the different communities in our country. Other challenges that first-year college students are likely to face are finding new friends to interact and socialize with and time management issues. The challenge of finding new and like-minded friends can be overcome by ensuring that you are yourself as you involve yourself in activities that interest you (Greenthal, 2019). Time management can best be overcome by coming up with a timetable that highlights all the major activities and their allocated times. In conclusion, the students should give themselves time and expect to be a little bamboozled as they stay confident that they will eventually adjust and love university life.

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