peak clearly, avoid stammering, and phrases avoid sprinkling your sentences with noncontent such as “ahhh” and “you know.


Roles now reverse and Student B’s task is to “lead” Student A in a 10- to 15-minute program on how to study more effectively for college or university exams. Take a few minutes to think about what has worked well for you, and assume that Student A is a new student interested in improving his or her study habits. Again, Student B should attempt to project himself or herself as charismatic. Project a powerful, confident, and dynamic presence. This has both verbal and nonverbal components. Use a captivating and engaging voice tone. Convey confidence. Talk directly to people, maintain direct eye contact, and hold your body posture in a way that says you are sure of yourself. Speak clearly, avoid stammering, and avoid sprinkling your sentences with noncontent phrases such as “ahhh” and “you know.”

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