Park University Unit 6 Human Sexuality & Gender Selection QuestionsSchool


Park University Unit 6 Human Sexuality & Gender Selection QuestionsSchool

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Unit 6: Discussion


Respond to one question each unit. In an effort to try to address all questions, please try to answer a question (when possible) which has not already been addressed by a classmate. Please include the question restated in your reply.

  • Respond to one question below by Thursday, 11:59 pm CT.
  • Respond to at least two classmates by Sunday, 11:59 pm CT.

Unit Discussion Questions

  1. What are the pros and cons of baby gender selection? Are there future ramifications of societies in which one gender greatly outnumbers the other?
  2. We study history so that we can learn from our past mistakes and not repeat them. In this discussion post, please discuss what history tells us about the impact of making abortion illegal.
  3. Should insurance companies be required to pay for infertility treatment?
  4. When a multiple pregnancy occurs due to fertility treatment where fertilized eggs are implanted, who is responsible for the multiple pregnancy? The mother for seeking fertility treatment or the Doctor for the implantation?
  5. What factors do you attribute to the fall in pregnancy rates among U.S. teens? Should use of contraception be a decision that two people make or one person?
  6. If a man assaulted a woman and her unborn baby died, should he be charged with manslaughter?