Northcentral University Mental Disorders of Schizophrenia Annotated OutlineSchool


Northcentral University Mental Disorders of Schizophrenia Annotated OutlineSchool

Northcentral University

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Drawing on the references you have collected and following the outline you constructed, prepare a literature review paper on your selected topic. Review a minimum of 3-5 themes or patterns that you have identified as emergent within the research on your topic, along with specific citations from the peer reviewed research to support each of these themes. In other words, you want to describe any similarities or differences that you uncover in the research clearly with citations to support your findings. Refer to the sample literature reviews listed in Warm-up Activity 8.1 as models for your own finished product. For a completed literature review, you will review and report on approximately 50-60 articles of importance in your area of interest. You may find as you are writing that you still need to support some parts of your argument better with more research, or that some research does not really fit with your overall organization and plan.

Write a coherent, well-organized paper. Be sure that your paper has an introduction with a broad overview or outline of what you are going to cover. Clearly state a purpose or thesis regarding what you believe is the best intervention to use for the population and the specific problem that you focused in on based on your review of the research. The body of the paper should include a summary of the key patterns or themes that emerge in the research, subdivided by topic and subtopic, with details of relevant research findings. Include a final summary of the main ideas or takeaways that you want to convey to the reader as a result of your review. Your summary should draw a conclusion, based on your extensive review and synthesis of the research, with clear recommendations as to what type of program would be best to either prevent or intervene in the problem you focused on, in the population that you chose. You may find that there is insufficient evidence to draw such a conclusion (and this is a conclusion in and of itself that will suffice), or that a new program needs to be devised to meet the needs of that particular population.

Length: 25-30 pages