Mr. Ahmed, was offered a position at UTAS-Shinas.


Mr. Ahmed, was offered a position at UTAS-Shinas. He and his family made a permanent move to Shinas. Mr. Ahmed was promoted to Administration HoD, looking after the purchasing department of the University. His elder son, Mr. Abdullah, got a good job in educational equipment sales at Matrix Computer Technologies in Sohar.
As HoD, Mr. Ahmed quickly saw the need for 5 computers in his office. Although UTAS-Shinas had a bidding policy, Mr. Ahmed purchased from Matrix Computer Technologies for about OMR 300 each, when Global Computers LLC were selling the same computer for around OMR 225 and had more promising features than Matrix. Mr. Abdullah handled the sale and received a healthy commission on the sale. If the purchase has gone through the normal bidding process, the Matrix model would not have been selected. The local franchise dealer for UTAS-Shinas objected to Matrix Computer Technologies that his protected franchise had been bypassed in the deal.Introduction (examine the case and highlight or summarize the relevant facts pertaining to the case.b. Identify two (2) or more key problems.c. Write the three (3) possible solutions for the problems identified in letter b.d. Select the best solution from letter c and justify your answer.e. Recommendation and suggestions.

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