Medical-Surgical Nursing


Long Answer Question 1: You are the student nurse on the ward caring for Kathleen. The medical registrar has assessed Kathleen and prescribed prednison 50 mgs daily for 7 days to manage her exacerbation. Consequently, her diabetes has now become unstable and her BSL is between 10-15mmols post prandial

Considering Kathleen’s situation, identify and compare 2 communication strategies you would employ in order to educate Kathleen about her COPD and her diabetes management. Your answer should include examples (500 words).  

Long Answer Question 2: It is now five days post admission. Kathleen has progressed well under your nursing care. The consultant reviews Kathleen and is happy to discharge her. Kathleen is self-administrating her medications correctly under nurse supervision. Her BSL, although higher than normal at 8mmols post prandial, should return to her normal baseline of 4-8 mmols once she finishes the course of prednisolone in 2 days. You are preparing Kathleen for her discharge home. Taking cultural safety, education and social background into consideration, as a student nurse, how would you discuss self-management concepts for Kathleen regarding her multiple co-morbidities in preparation for her discharge home? (500 words).

Long Answer Question 3:  The day of discharge you speak with Kathleen about advanced care planning and advanced care directives. She is reluctant to talk about this and make any decisions at this point.

Analyse and discuss 1 (or 2) reasons why Kathleen may be resistant to the concept of an advanced health directive. What legal and ethical principles regarding advanced health directives might you discuss further with Kathleen?

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