Los Angeles Southwest College Social Media Ads PresentationSchool


Los Angeles Southwest College Social Media Ads PresentationSchool

Los Angeles Southwest College

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I’m trying to study for my Marketing course and I need some help to understand this question.

I want someone who has good experience with digital marketing and Excel to answer these questions in the word file.

and all data that you need you would find it in that PDF files.

please , please ,please read everything carefully before except this homework.

The first topic in Directions for Round Three Results and Round Four Strategy file.

The second topic in Social Media PowerPoint file

You will need to find examples from the following social media sites:Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.Find FIVE (5) of the 10 items. Take a screen shot of each and paste them into a Power Point slide. Tell me what the brand’s objectives seems to be and who the target is.2)An advertisement or sponsored post/tweet/etc.4)A post about a holiday.6)A post with a celebrity promoting a product.8)A post with a picture of a product that has been shared at least 10,000 times10)A post that comments about a recent sporting eventdirections_for_round_three_results_and_round_four_strategy__2_.docxround_3.pdfround_4.pdfrounds_2.pdfsocial_media_part_1.