Landlord/tenants laws from your home state


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Landlord/tenants laws from your home state
In Florida State, both tenants and property owners must adhere to the legal provisions governing the sector. I learned that in Florida, the laws controls various rent-related matters especially the duration the tenant has to recompense rent or transfer prior to eviction by the Landlord (Stewart 1). The tenants are also assigned rights to withhold payment of rent in case the proprietor does not provide adequate services or is unable to take care of crucial repairs. I have also learned of the eviction and termination rules in Florida. The legislation deals the process of tenancy termination. For instance, if the tenant has intentionally caused damage to the property or has disrupted the terms of the lease, the property owner can provide a seven day quit warning requiring him to vacate the premises before eviction (Stewart 1). Property owners are restricted to enter the rental premises thus must provide a notice of 12 hours prior to access. Tenants are safeguarded against retaliation of the property owner in cases they demand their legal rights such as complaining about hazardous conditions. Some of the terms, I learned included evictions, terminations, and tenancy.
Personal Property
Personal property is regarded as the movable property rather than the real estate or real property. In Florida the private property are safeguarded pursuant to the Private Property Rights Protection Act. The legislation provide remedy and cause of action that permit private owner of property to be compensated by the authority that limits, restricts, and burdens a vested or existing use of property (Stroud and Wright 667). I learned terms such as “existing use” and “vested rights”. Existing use refers to exploiting the property by the owner. Vested rights refer to unconditional and exclusive rights of a person to a personal property, which cannot be taken away or impaired without his/her, consent (Stroud and Wright 667). Finally, I discovered that when the court attempts to balance the private and public interests, it is considered to have inordinate burden.

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